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Our 14 year relationship with
Worcester speaks for itself.

Contact us for a free website and Google search engine assessment. We call this our website MOT service.

It’s the perfect place to start to achieve your goals. Our website MOT includes a free home page design so you can see how your website will look before you have paid a penny. We’ll also show you where you are ranking on Google so we can identify where the best place is to put your marketing budget after your website goes live.

Why choose i-promote?

Some stats on what has kept us busy:


with WAI’s


Websites and
print projects



Keeping you, the WAI, 100% in control.

We’ll only deliver what you need. i-promote cover all levels of your promotional requirement, we’ll build your
website precisely to what you need to meet your budget.

£ 918
inc VAT


  • Up to 5 pages
  • Including 12 months hosting
£ 1314
inc VAT


  • Up to 7 pages
  • Including 12 months hosting
£ 2238
inc VAT


  • Up to 12 pages
  • Including 12 months hosting

i-promote offer websites to suit your budget and company size.

All our websites are fully responsive for mobiles, tablets and desktops, SSL secured and include minor updates and text changes for free; as part of your first year’s hosting.

We can also build bespoke websites, tailored for larger websites and annual marketing campaigns through our i-promote premium service. Please contact us for more information about our i-promote premium service.

How can you manage your website content?

Choose the technology that best suits you.

i-promote managed

i-promote take care of all of your website updates on your behalf, with lower annual hosting costs. Our solution makes a lot of sense for many WAIs who are busy with their own businesses.

Annual hosting,
from £10.00 per month

Annual SSL certificate,
from £45.00 per year

i-control managed

Update the most common parts of your website yourself, such as your testimonials, gallery or careers page, using our very own easy to use content manager.

Annual hosting,
from £15.00 per month

Annual SSL certificate,
£45.00 per year


Industry leading open source content management solution. It’s not for every WAI as requires some knowledge of updating websites to use competently but provides WAIs with greater control over their own content.

Annual hosting,
from £25.00 per month

Annual service/support included

Annual SSL certificate,
£45.00 per year

There are plenty of different ways we can design your website.
Just talk to us about your needs.

There are thousands of WordPress website themes available.

If you are looking for a website that is highly dynamic then WordPress could be the route for you. Call us and we’ll help you find the best solution for your company.

If you already have an i-promote website, we can upgrade your website at a discount or quote you for a new build.

A certified Google Partner.

We are proud to announce, i-promote are officially recognised as a certified Google Partner.

As a certified Google Partner, we have the knowledge of providing the best Google services for you and your business, such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google My Business.


Specialist digital agency
catering for the heating industry.

We work with heating and plumbing businesses day-in-day-out, so we are focussed on your business and know the technical terms, products, accreditations and heating products so you can rely on us to get your marketing on track.


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